The future belongs to Intelligent Enterprises

Intelligent Enterprises have clarity on what is happening, why is it happening and how to execute an optimal response. They constantly learn and codify new learnings into their day-to-day work systems. Vectorflow provides solutions and services to enable Intelligent Enterprises.

Develop Executive Self-Serve Analytics

Insightful visualizations can go a long way in helping senior managers and CXOs in quickly spotting items that need their attention. We blend machine learning and innovative visualizations to answer the key questions for decision making.

Improve Customer Engagement

Our solutions and services enable refinement of Customer Experience & Engagement. We help with insights on customer preferences, customer service quality, customer retention, customer effort scores and self-care solutions.

Intelligent Sales Apps

Our solutions and services can power up the sales performance. We can help with sales analytics, CRM solution implementation, smart customize-price-quote apps as well as pricing optimization models.

Data & Machine Learning

Most organizations are looking to leaverage data and architect valueable insights thru machine learning. We help companies in making well-informed choices as well as planning and execution of such initiatives to achieve superior outcomes.

We assure superior outcomes for your business

Superior Financial Performance. Better Customer Experience. Improved Compliance. Reduced Risks.

Our Solutions Solutions with Immediate ROI
Project delays result in low profitability as well as lower customer satisfaction. Since the project related info is spread across multiple functions and systems, it is quite difficult for senior managers to identify and prevent delays. This solution used insightful visualizations that immeidately bring the key issues to fore for early action.
Customers want to customize product as per their need and they need immediate quotes for them to make buying decisions. Any delays here can lead to lose customers. QuoteAssist is an Expert App that allows users to customize and get immediate quotes as an expert would. It also has features to upsell as well as generated options as per customer's budget.
This solution is meant to fulfill the critical info needs of the CXOs so that they can be on top of their game everywhere.
This solution helps to streamline the whole Contracts workflow ensuring that all your contracts are well-written and all agreed terms are being complied to. It also automates the contract review workflow.
Intense Focus on Capability and Solution Building
Business Analytics

Its focus is to allow the business to stay on top of its KPIs. The process starts with identification of key Business KPIs. It is followed by development of innovative visualizations that highlight the opportunities and risks.

Machine Learning

Field of Machine Learning is fast evolving. The focus for this practice is to keep adopting the best and proven practices and technology related to all aspects of Machine Learning.

Hybrid App Development

This practice operationalizes the key business insights by embedding them into smart and sometimes autonomous agents. This ensures that all the business learnings and insights are available to everyone across functions and roles.

Data Sources
KPI Focus
Insight to Implementation

Implementing learnings has been a typical challenge. We cover the full lifecycle of learning-to-production, ensuring that all learnings are used in daily functioning.

Data Security
Data Protection

Our data protection practices are aligned to the GDPR. We identify all the Personal Info and confidential data upfront and implement the agreed safeguards.

Beta within 4 Weeks

We apply proven Agile Practices to fast track the time-to-value for customers. We have implemented tools such as JIRA for Scrum based Project execution.

Quality Systems

Team has track-record for delivering high quality solutions and services. We have well defined processes as well as tracking systems to ensure top-notch quality.

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